EPIC Strains

Welcome to our EPIC strain lineup! EPIC stands for Enjoy Premium Indoor Cannabis and provides high quality cannabis at an affordable price point. Check out the full lineup below!


GG #4: This award winning phenotype packs a punch with buds that are as sticky as glue from a heavy coating of trichomes.  A pungent mix of fuel and earth are unmistakable in the scent profile that can be noticed across the room.  GG #4 has a very potent effect and complex high that is sativa leaning, finishing with a relaxed indica quality.

Power Nap: Beautiful purple tinted buds with bright orange hairs and gleaming with a heavy coating of trichomes give it incredible jar appeal. Crack that jar and you’re greeted with a complex scent with mix of lemon, berry, and Kush. Relaxing, stress free high that will catch even those with a high tolerance off guard.

Pineapple Breath: Bred by Terp Fiend Genetics, Pineapple Breath is a flavor BOMB. The parent strains of Pineapple Sorbet and Meatbreath F2 combine for an exotic flavor experience that ranges from sweet pineapple, funk, and nose-piercing savory notes. A giggly, stoney high that will have you raiding the cabinets in no time.

Wedding Cake packs a serious punch that hits hard and fast, its known to catch even the most seasoned consumer off guard! Boasting a complex terpene profile with flavors of gas, lemon, vanilla, pepper, and a smooth creaminess make it a treat for both the palette and the mind.


Dutch Treat is a tried and true Amsterdam classic. Our sativa-dominant is somewhat rare to find coupled with the full Dutch Treat terpene profile. A complex mix of sweet, tropical, and pine, this strain will have you looking for new flavor notes with each hit. A happy and relaxing treat perfect for any situation or mood!

Grapefruit: Citrus for days! This strain slaps a sour, citrus funk immediately upon cracking a jar. A relaxed but inspired buzz, great for those looking to express creativity. The genetics are a cross of Cinderella 99 and an unknown sativa.


Tres Star: This cross of Star Dawg and Tres Daughter is noted by its large, dense buds that have an unmistakable herb-like quality to the smell. An indica leaning strain that is great for a relaxing evening that won’t put you to sleep. A must try for fans of Chemdawg lineage, this will have qualities of strains you’ve had before and brings a new twist on a classic strain.

Blueberry Muffin: How many times have you been excited to crack a jar of a “Blueberry” strain only to find it’s severely lacking in that sweet blueberry scent we hope to find? Well Blueberry Muffin has it in abundance. The first thing that smacks you is sweet, candy blueberry with doughy, smooth pastry-like notes. Dense, chunky buds highlighted by light hairs and purple accents. Bred by The Humboldt Seed Company.

Apes in Space: This cross of heavy hitters Falcon 9 (Sunset Sherbert X Tina) and Grease Monkey (GG #4 X Cookies and Cream) makes for an exotic, unique strain. Light green buds coated in trichomes with a smooth, earthy and skunk flavor profile. Great for relaxation with a carefree high. Throw on a movie of your choice and spark up some Apes in Space and let your stress melt away

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